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The New World Currency will include Gold, Silver and Bitcoin


A new world currency including Bitcoin is more likely as many central banks see the future of money in bitcoin. Andy Haldane, the U.K. central bank's chief economist who may be a future Governor of the Bank of England is one of Europe’s greatest supporters of Bitcoin. Andy Haldane wrote a speech that is turning into a Bitcoin roadmap for monetary policy. Quote from Andy Haldane, the U.K. central bank's chief economist:

"What I think is now reasonably clear is that the distributed payment technology embodied in Bitcoin has real potential. On the face of it, it solves a deep problem in monetary economics: how to establish trust – the essence of money – in a distributed network. One interesting solution, then, would be to maintain the principle of a government-backed currency, but have it issued in an electronic rather than paper form. Although the hurdles to implementation are high, so too is the potential prize if the ZLB constraint could be slackened."

Haldane isn't the first senior person to propose abolishing paper currencies or to embrace the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin. But his enthusiasm for the prospect of what he calls central banking's "own great technological leap forward" is infectious. And his status as a potential future Bank of England governor means investors, traders and economists should all pay attention to his vision of what the future of central banking might and might not include.

The value of Gold bullion is increasing after years of declining prices because the US dollar bubble is going to burst and investors need a new safe haven. Gold is a currency, a global commodity and money all in one. As gold is a global commodity when global sentiment turns against Central Banks printing more of their Fiat currencies the world will turn towards Gold as a global currency once again.

Silver will increase in value as the demand for silver increases and supply diminishes. Example: Nevada the 'Silver State' produced 25 million ounces in 1997 compared with only 7.4 million in 2013 because there isn't that much silver to pull out of the Earth anymore (a drop of 70%). The U.S. mint is regularly sold out for this reason. China used 1 million ounces of silver for the solar power industry in 2003 which increased to 35 million ounces in 2013. As supply decreases and demand increases the value will go up incrementally and when price manipulation eventually ends the price of silver will increase significantly. U.S. states like Utah recognize the increasing value of silver. Depositories in Utah now are issuing debit cards to people who will deposit their silver with them (turning silver into money). Creating a new world currency which will include gold, silver and bitcoin is now being planned by the BRICS nations of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.

The U.S. should back China's New World Bank for Asia

Recently in The Financial Times, Larry Summers criticized the U.S. for not backing the creation of a new China-led international bank that would finance major infrastructure projects across the Asia Pacific region. The former U.S. secretary of treasury called it a "failure of strategy and tactics" and called for "a comprehensive review of the U.S. approach to global economics." Diplomats and business executives from Asia and Europe have embraced the bank. Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and Australia are among more than 40 nations who have brushed aside the White House’s concerns over the intentions of the bank and whether it will follow "high quality, time-tested standards."

China will provide much of the AIIB’s initial $100 billion in funding. The bank is expected to be up and running by the end of this year. The AIIB will help finance transport, water, energy and other infrastructure projects. The new bank will move quickly to prove skeptics wrong by demonstrating that it can be more effective than the World Bank and other regional development banks in financing infrastructure while addressing legitimate community concerns about relocation and compensation for any loss of housing or income. Recently, the World Bank admitted to "serious shortcomings in the implementation of its resettlement policies," adding that it plans to fix its problems with a "plan that will improve the oversight and management of resettlement practices to ensure better protection of people and businesses affected by bank-funded projects."

The new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has the chance to develop strong, new and effective accountability mechanisms that all shareholders would support. A strong independent evaluations department not beholden to any single shareholder must be part of that. Mechanisms to review and ensure compliance with the bank’s own rules are also critical. As Summers noted, it is time for the US to wake up to a new economic era. Strengthened engagement with Asia and all its major financial institutions must be part of that.

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